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The Physical Difficulties Team
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Peripatetic Teaching

Our peripatetic teachers have vast experience of working successfully in SEND across all phases of education. We are extremely knowledgeable about the impact on curriculum access of a range of medical conditions, and have developed effective strategies for educational success. Key to our work is building positive relationships with children, young people, their families and educational settings as well as other professionals.

We are members of the national network of professionals working in this area – PDNET and contributed to the writing of updated versions of the books ‘Supporting Children with Dyspraxia and Motor Co-ordination Difficulties’ (published by Routledge, 2015), ‘Supporting Children with Medical Conditions’ (published by Routledge, 2016) and ‘Supporting Children with Cerebral Palsy’ (published by Routledge in 2016).

The team is dedicated towards using our expertise to support equality and inclusion for all of the children and young people on our caseload.

We work closely with settings to enhance curriculum access based on initial and further annual assessments of need. This includes making valued recommendations in reports and at review meetings, observing what goes on in lessons and building partnerships so that everyone involved can work together for the benefit of the child or young person.

We support children and young people to be as independent as possible both in and out of the classroom – we strongly believe that the development of independence in education is vital in supporting young people towards meeting their life aspirations and achieving career ambitions.

The team includes an ICT expert who keeps informed about all the latest developments to ensure that children and young people can access the curriculum and record their work as independently as possible.

The team also includes a highly experienced and knowledgeable moving and handling advisor to ensure that staff are trained in all aspects of moving and handling for the children and young people on our caseload with the highest physical needs. This valued work includes supporting settings to manage emergency evacuations, swimming lessons and out of school visits safely.

We provide high quality training to support fine and gross motor development, the use of key software to promote independence, PE inclusion and safe moving and handling / emergency evacuations.

A referral can be made to the service from education and health providers; please download our referral form here.