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Hearing Impaired Peripatetic Team

The IPaSS Peripatetic Hearing Impaired team consists of Qualified and Training Teachers of the Deaf, Specialised Teaching Assistants and Deaf Instructors. Our main aim is that all deaf young people achieve their potential regardless of their hearing loss. We achieve this by providing students and school staff with the tools to remove any barriers in their educational setting.

The support we can offer

The team support deaf children to develop their language and communication skills, along with providing practical guidance to parents/carers and educational settings on all aspects of communication. When appropriate, we teach children both one to one and in small groups. The team support babies diagnosed as deaf by the New-born Hearing Screaming Programme (NHSP) by providing guidance and offering advice. There is also a weekly preschool group that focusses on developing listening and communication skills. The group also gives parents the opportunity to meet other parents of hearing impaired children. We promote the importance of developing social and emotional skills by providing students with AQA Life Skills where appropriate. We teach these sessions both one to one and in small groups. The team provide regular visits to home and/or settings and provide a wide range of information and advice about deafness and related issues. We encourage the young person and their parents/carers to use and look after their audiological equipment such as hearing aids, cochlear implants and radio aids. It is important that we teach the young person about their own hearing loss, aiding them to become an advocate for themselves, by taking on responsibility for their hearing technology and ultimately having the confidence to say when the listening environment is not accessible to them. The team strive to build positive relationships with parents, carers and professionals and promote child-centred, multi-agency working. We have regular liaison with other relevant professionals, including Audiology, The Yorkshire Auditory Implant Centre, Speech and Language Therapy, Educational Psychologists and The National Deaf Children’s Society.

A referral can be made to the service from education and health providers; please download our referral form here.