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IPaSS Primary Resource Base - Christopher Pickering Primary School

The Sensory Resource Base is staffed by trained Teachers of the Deaf and specialist Teaching Assistants, including deaf adults who are role models for our children. With this team we are able to respond to the audiological, academic and social needs of the children within a friendly, vibrant and welcoming atmosphere.

Location of the Primary Resource Base

Sensory Resource Base classroooms are located within each phase learning area. This helps the deaf children feel part of their class and phase, so wider friendships are made and greater independence is fostered.

Location of IPaSS Primary Resource Base within Christopher Pickering Primary School.

Aims and Objectives

Developing language with which to communicate is the main priority for our deaf children In the Sensory Resource Base, we support children who have hearing losses ranging from moderate to profound and who wear hearing aids or have cochlear implants. Some children also use a microlink radio aid system with a microphone when they are in their mainstream class. This allows them to hear their teacher's voice above any background noise.

We operate a flexible communication policy that enables us to support all our deaf children - a total communication approach.

The children learn through different approaches. These include an oral/aural approach, a signed approach using BSL or through a mixture of Sign Supported English and oral/aural methods.

Depending on their individual needs, children are taught in the Sensory Resource Base, supported in class or a mixture of both

Working in Collaboration

We have fostered close working links with a range of agencies to work with the children. These include Educational Psychologists, Physiotherapists, Speech and Language Therapists and the Bradford and Nottingham Cochlear Implant Teams

Many of the deaf children have regular sessions with the Speech and Language Therapist and follow-up work is undertaken during the week.

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