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The Visual Impairment Team
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Visual Impairment Team

The Integrated Physical and Sensory Service uses an open referral system which allows professionals or parents to refer a child who is displaying visual difficulties. We use a standard referral form to gather initial information which includes permission from parents/carers to work with the child and have access to medical records. When a referral is received a Qualified Teacher of the Visually Impaired (QTVI) will visit the child to carry out a functional visual assessment. The VI Team includes QTVIs, Specialist Teaching Assistants, Habilitation Specialists and Curriculum Support Officers. IPaSS also has a Technical Support Officer who maintains the specialist equipment used by some children who are visually impaired. Children and young people are supported in the home, at pre-school and in educational settings, according to their individual needs.

A referral can be made to the service from education and health providers; please download our referral form here.