Through specialist teaching and support, IPaSS promotes greater inclusion, increased independence, equal access to the curriculum and improved educational outcomes.

Our Latest Moving and Handling course dates are:

Course Type Date Cost
Full Day 17th March 2017 £ 70.00
Refresher (1/2 Day) 28th April 2017 £ 35.00
Full Day 19th May 2017 £ 70.00
Full Day 14th July 2017 £ 70.00

Moving and Handling

With many of the children and young people supported by the physical difficulties team, the first challange to accessing education is the physical problems encountered by moving around the establishment. We need to consider the location of lessons e.g. those lessons on the first floor or above of a building, and how they can be made accessible. How does a child or young person in a wheelchair access these areas? What happens if the area needs to be evactuated in an emergency? We also need to ensure personal care can be accessed easily and safely. To address these issues IPaSS;

  • provides 'Centaur' approved Moving and Handling training days.
  • attends educational settings to provide on-site bespoke training to staff.
  • assesses the facilities available in educational settings and reports on the suitability of them.
  • works closely with Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy services to ensure the child or young persons needs are being met.
  • planning to ensure that support is available to assist with organisation and movement both in and out of the classroom.
  • assists with planning to ensure that the additional time taken for toileting and/or physical management programmes has a reduced impact on socialising and learning.

If a child or young person's needs are very complex and/or severe, the establishment may ask the local authority to carry out a statutory assessment leading to an Education and Health Care Plan. Expectations for parents from this level of support will include:

  • The specific requirements, including staffing and equipment for meeting the needs of a child or young person are detailed on the EHC Plan