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Cerebral Palsy

Who does it affect?

Cerebral Palsy affects both boys and girls. 1 in 100,000 births in the UK are diagnosed with CP. It can result both from problems that arise during giving birth...

What are the symptoms?

For instances that are not the result of problems during birth, symptoms are typically....

How Can IPaSS Support Children and Young People with CP?

Depending upon the severtity of the diagnosis...

Where Can I Get Further Information?

There are a number of national and local organisations that can provide information, offer activities and give support families and children and young people affected with CP. The table below indicates who these organisations are and the type of support they may be able to offer.
Organisation Type of Advice
Active Hull Lots of information for clubs and societies
Special Stars Foundation A charity that provides inclusive social activities and trips for children and young people with disabilities